Research associates

                                            Dr. rer.nat. Rika Bajorat


                                            Research focus: Ischemia, reperfusion and inflammation                                             after cardiocirculatory arrest and cardiopulmonary resuscitation




                                            Dr. rer. nat. Lena Danckert


                                            Head of Laboratory, Cell Culture and Molecular Biology





                                            Dr. med. Felix Klawitter, MD


                                            Research focus: Intensive Care Unit - Acquired Weakness                                             (ICU-AW) and associated neuromuscular complications in critically ill                                             patients




                                             Dr. med. Gerd Klinkmann, MD


                                             Research focus: Sepsis-associated encephalopathy and delirium in                                              critically ill patients





                                             Friedrich von Möllendorff, MD


                                             Research focus: Non-invasive detection of sepsis-associated                                              encephalopathy in animal models




                                              Susanne Wettengel

                                              Medical Technical Assistant







PhD students

                                           Melissa Jager, MD

                                           Thesis: Diagnostic work-up of sepsis-associated encephalopathy on                                            German intensive care units






                                            Friederike Laukien, MD

                                            Thesis: Bloodbiomarker profiles in intensive care unit - acquired                                             weakness







                                           Johanna Hackenberg, MD

                                           Thesis: Biomarker-guided detection of neuroaxonal injury in                                            pediatric patients with inflammatory central nervous system diseases






                                           Cand. med. Marie-Christine Oppitz

                                           Thesis: Evaluation of neuromuscular ultrasound for the detection                                                 of dysphagia in critically ill patients






                                            Cand. med. Josefine Endler

                                            Thesis: Comparison of quantitative and semi quantitative                                             methods to assess muscle echogenicity in patients with                                                                  intensive care unit-acquired weakness





                                                                                      Cand. med. Moritz Grabow

                                                                                      Thesis: Frequency of white matter hyperintensities detected by                                                                                                     magnetic resonance imaging in patients with sepsis