English Lecture Club

Time Table English Lecture Club WS 2018/19

DatumDozent Thema
17.10.18Dr. V. Blaas 
Forensic Medicine
Forensic aspects of child abuse
24.10.18Prof. Dr. P. Clemens Paediatrics SchwerinCeliac disease - mostly not diagnosed
07.11.18Dr. W. Meyer Queen Mary University of LondonEthical aspects of decision-making in intensive care.
14.11.18Dr. C. Hemmer
Pathomechanisms of severe malaria and sepsis
21.11.18F. Bock 
Clinical internship in Ghana. Medicine between improvisation and progress
28.11.18Dr. med. H. Geerdes-Fenge InfectiologyTuberculosis - a reemerging disease
05.12.18Prof. Dr. S. Langner RadiologyMy most beautiful mistakes in radiology - what I have missed and why
12.12.18Dr. rer.hum. P. Sukul
Exp. Anaesthesiology
Physiological and metabolic monitoring via breath analysis
19.12.18PD Dr. C.F. Classen Paediatric OncologyBone Marrow Transplantation in Children 
09.01.19Dr. Dr. J.H. Lenz Maxillofacial SurgeryCurrent concepts and changes in maxilliofacial traumatology.
16.01.19Prof. Dr. T. Tischer OrthopaedicsOrthopaedics: State of the art in cartilage regeneration - from basic science to clinical treatment
23.01.19Dr. med. J. Ehler 
Inter-hospital transfer of critically ill patients - on board air ambulance Christoph Rostock
30.01.19Dr. med. U. Schlüter AnaesthesiologyAnaesthesia for beginners
Stand by  
 Prof. Dr. S. Emmert 
DNA repair, UV-induced carcinogenesis and melanoma
 Prof. Dr. J.K. Schubert AnaesthesiologyThe smaller the better?  Nanotechnolgy in medicine.
 H. Maschke
Diagnostics of acute stroke