English Lecture Club

Time Table English Lecture Club WS 2017/18

Date Speaker Title
18.10.17 Dr. V. Blaas
Forensic Medicine
Forensic aspects of child abuse
25.10.17 Prof. Dr. P. Clemens
Paediatrics Schwerin
Newborn Screening: Prevention of cerebral damage or death.
01.11.17 Prof. Dr. H. Willenberg
On appetite, valuable crystals and guide dogs
08.11.17 MSc J. Obermeier
Exp. Anaesthesiology
Breath analysis in children
15.11.17 PD Dr. E. Schültke
Synchrotrons and Microbeams: Radiotherapy with a vision for the future
22.11.17 Prof. Dr. T. Mittlmeier
Osteoporotic ankle fractures  - a common problem in the elderly
29.11.17 Dr. C. Hemmer
Pathomechanisms of severe malaria and sepsis
06.12.17 PD Dr. D-C. Fischer
Negative Results and no results: the same or different?
13.12.17 Prof. Dr. C.F. Classen
Paediatric Oncology
Bone Marrow Transplantation in Children
20.12.17 F. Bock
Clinical Internship in Ghana. Medicine between improvisation and progress
03.01.18 PD Dr. C. Kamm
Genetics and clinical picture of dystonia
10.01.18 Dr. J. Ehler
Biomarker time out - how to diagnose encephalopathy in septic patients
17.01.18 Prof. Dr. T. Tischer
Orthopaedics: State of the art in cartilage regeneration - from basic science to clinical treatment
24.01.18 PD Dr. Dr. H. Lenz
Maxillo-Facial Surgery
Fractures of the facial skeleton
31.01.18 PD Dr. Dr. P.-W. Kämmerer  Maxillo-Facial Surgery Reconstruction of the mandible - going into the future
Stand by    
  Prof. Dr. S. Emmert
DNA repair, UV-induced carcinogenesis and melanoma
  Prof. Dr. J.K. Schubert Anaesthesiology The smaller the better? Nanotechnology in medicine