English Lecture Club

Time Table English Lecture Club WS 2016/17

Date Speaker Title
12.10.16 PD Dr. C.F. Classen
Pediatric palliative care
19.10.16 Prof. Dr. P. Clemens
Paediatrics Schwerin
Phenylketonuria, the classical inherited metabolic disease
26.10.16 Dr. C. Hemmer
Pathomechanisms of severe malaria and sepsis
02.11.16 PD Dr. T. Kirschstein
How to read the ECG - pathophysiological guide to typical pathologies
09.11.16 Prof. Dr. R. Mlynski
The wonderful world of of implants for hearing restoration
16.11.16 Prof. Dr. B.J. Krause
Nuclear Medicine
New concepts in molecular imaging and therapy in prostate cancer
23.11.16 Prof. Dr. T. Tischer Orthopaedics Specialization in Orthopaedic Surgery - is it really necessary?
30.11.16 Dr. med. F. Bock
Clinical Internship in Ghana. Medicine between improvisation and progress
07.12.16 Prof. Dr. S.-H. Willenberg Endocrinology What are hormone levels worth? The look beyond "inner values"
14.12.16 Prof. Dr. S. Emmert
Cold atmospheric pressure plasma and dermatology
21.12.16 Dr. med. J. Ehler Anaesthesiology Critical Illness Polyneuropathy and Septic Encephalopathy in patients with Septic Shock.
04.01.17 Dr. W. Meyer  Psychiatry Queen Mary University of London Migration, globalisation and radicalisation. A psychiatrist's view on recent European Challenges for Transcultural Psychiatry.
11.01.17 Dr. med. V. Blaas
Forensic Medicine
Introduction to forensic medicine
18.01.17 PD Dr. Dr. J.H. Lenz
Maxillo Facial Surgery
Growth patterns in patients having CLAP
25.01.17 PD Dr. B. Koos
Craniofacial aspects in juvenile idiopathic arthritis: the orthodontic view.
Stand by    
  Prof. Dr. J.K. Schubert
The smaller the better? Nanoparticles in biomedical applications
  Prof. Dr. rer. nat. K.-D. Wutzke Paediatrics Stable isotopes in gastroenterology and nutrition & The treasure of Dr.Schumacher in East Africa - The Tabora Sovereign
  Dr. J. Liese The case history of Sigmund Freud from the perspective of his surgeon.