Time Table English Lecture Club WS 2020/21

Veranstaltungsort: SR 421, Zentrum für Pharmakologie und Toxikologie, Schillingallee 70

04.11.20Dr. rer. nat P. Trefz 
Exp. Anaesthesiology
Non-invasive detection of illicit and pharmaceutical drugs
11.11.20Dr.med. U. Schlüter
Anaesthesia for beginners
18.11.20Prof. Dr. P. Clemens
Paediatrics Schwerin
Phenylketonuria  -  “the classical” inborn error of metabolism (two centers: Rostock-Schwerin and Greifswald)
25.11.20Prof. Dr. J. Däbritz 
Health - Integrating telemedicine into IBD practice (IBD = inflammatory bowel diseases)
02.12.20PD Dr. med. C.-F. Classen  Paediatric OnkologyCongenital thrombopenia
09.12.20PD Dr. med. A. Sckell TraumatologyEmergencies in trauma surgery
16.12.20PD Dr. C. Kamm 
Spinal muscular atrophy – recent therapeutic advances for a devastating genetic disease
06.01.21Prof. Dr. M. Kipp 
The pathology of multiple sclerosis: From basic textbook knowledge to science
13.01.21Prof. Dr. H.S. Willenberg EndocrinologyLooping in diabetes - smooth revolutions or up and downs
20.01.21Dr. med. V. Kolbe  
Forensic Medicine
Forensic aspects of child abuse
27.01.21PD Dr. J. Ehler 
Inter-hospital transport of pediatric and adult ICU patients - on board air ambulance Christoph Rostock 
Stand by  
 Prof. Dr. J.K. Schubert AnaesthesiologyNanotechnology in medicine 
 Dr. rer. hum. P. Sukul Exp. AnaesthesiologyPotential of exhaled breath analysis in non-invasive monitoring of women’s health
 PD Dr. med. Lutter 
Sport climbing - medical care on its road to Olympic Games 2021